Wave 3D Mango - 2x Urinal Deodorizer

Only 8.84 EUR PID 120

Ultimate Splash Reducing Urinal Deodorizer 
  • Freshens the urinal for 30 days
  • Unique hexagon shape, more open, higher and 2-sided design ensures correct installation!
  • Eliminates bad odors: it doesn’t just mask, but it releases  billions optimized bacteria that consume bad odors at their source
  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Reminds you when to change it – simply pull off the date tabs to set easy reminder system
  • VOC compliant in USA and in Europe – Environmentally friendly
  • Recommended to be used also in Waterless Urinals   

Catalogues:    Wave 3D

Packaging: 50 x 2 pcs in box (each package count 2 pcs). No possible to order unpaired number of pieces. The above mentioned price is for 2 pieces.