Hang Tag Cotton Blossom

Only 3.35 EUR PID 68

The Anywhere Air Freshener
  • Versatile – hang it where ever
  • Revolutionary transparent design
  • Freshens the air for 30 days
  • VOC compliant in USA and in Europe – Environmentally friendly
  • Private label available   
Cotton Blossom Fragrance Description: Soft cotton blossom, linen flower, spring blossom are enveloped into accords of violets, rose petals, tuberose, nectarine, and melon. Back notes of sandalwood, silk wood are supported with white powdery musk, very sensitive and original fragrance, gentle, wealthy active and noticeable. Creates the feelings of uniqueness. Suitable to luxury interiors.

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Packaging: 72 pcs in box, above mentioned price is for 1 pc.