Wave 2.0 Honeysuckle - 2x Urinal Deodorizer

Only 8.84 EUR PID 72

Urinal Deodorizer
  • Freshens the urinal for 30 days 
  • With change date for more efficient using 
  • With langer protrusions for better fragrancing 
  • VOC compliant in USA and in Europe – Environmentally friendly Eliminates Odors 
  • Releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odor
  • Revolutionary transparent and flexible design, allows view of urinal drain, reduces flash back, cutts cleaning time by up to 50%
  • Private label available
Download:          WAVE 2.0 LEAFLET 

Honeysuckle Fragrance Description:  White citrus, neroli and honeysuckle flow through the heart of jasmine, lavender, and almond flower; all supported by a touch of basil and geranium leaves.Exotic aroma, smart, elegant and evoking the feelings of luxury. Suitable to each type of interior. 

Packaging: 50x2 psc in Box. No possible to order unpaired number of pieces, The above mentioned price is for 2 pieces.