Easy Fresh 2.0 Mango

Only 5.6 EUR PID 80

The Anywhere Airfreshener - Changeable Fragranced Cover

  • Environmentally Friendly – meets „Purchase of Sustable Cleaning Products and Materials“ criteria the LEED point managements system Features
  •  Freshens the air for 30 days
  • All fragrances available only in white color
  • VOC compliant in USA and in Europe – Environmentally friendly
  • Private label available
  • Can work effectivelly only with  the Easy Fresh 2.0 Machine
Mango Fragrance Description: Mango, apricot skin and mandarin leaf notes are intertwined with raspberry, iris, gardenia, and followed by coumarin and brown sugar crystals. Fruity and floral notes evoking the feelings of harmony very popular for their original character. Suitable and fitting to each type of interior.     

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Packaging: 72 pcs in master case, 12 pcs in box, above mentioned price is for 1 pc.